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Turn your prospects into Confident Buyers of your home care or home health services today. It’s a difficult decision for your prospective clients/patients to make when there is more than one agency to compare. You need a system to compete with the franchises and the very big agencies that have increased with the recent merger and acquisition activity within the industry. AgencyTrust seals instantly improve your marketing efforts and also allow you to stand out from the competition.

AgencyTrust seals provide instant (external) verification and turn prospects into confident buyers! Are you ready to grow your agency with very little effort and cost?

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Start with trust by removing customer doubts and the sales will follow. According to, as many as 61% of participants in a recent survey say they decided not to purchase on a website if it was missing trust seals and verification from an external organization. This is the trend and psychology of any type of sales today. People are always looking for a way to compare quality and trust when considering their purchasing options.

There is no doubt that an online presence is a necessary marketing tool that can be very effective in today’s home care industry. Independant verification and AgencyTrust seals have been proven to increase sales dramatically.


In a recent survey that was carried out (with the help of our clients), results found that only 3% of their potential clients/patients had ever heard of or recognize the only three existing home care accreditation organizations – CHAP, ACHC OR THE JOINT COMMISSION

Considering that these organizations charge $2000 to $6000 + (Massive ongoing costs) and hardly anyone has ever heard of them, then it seems an unnecessary burden on an agency.

AgencyTrust is a division of Home Health Compliance LLC. Our compliance systems, documentation and consultants have helped start, license, obtain accreditation and manage over 1500 agencies across America.

Also consider that services such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are not really relevant in the home care industry. And they charge $170 per month.

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AgencyTrust $30/mo

Less than $1 per day and works while your sleeping

Organizations compared above may offer different services and are not the same as AgencyTrust. Prices vary or may not be precisely accurate.

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The seals are linked to your agency details and verification pages on

Verified Business, Privacy, Background Checks, and Compliance using AgencyTrust verification badges consistently deliver higher conversion rates, increased credibility, buyer confidence and peace of mind. 

Give new potential clients a reason to trust.

Place the seals on your website and allow your agency to be instantly and independently verified.

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The Verified Business badge is a third-party verification by The business verification badge helps reassure visitors that you are a legitimate and trustworthy business. After confirming your business name and ownership details we create a special Business Verification Page on our website that users can access by clicking the badge on your site. Visitors will see the criteria which you had to meet to be approved for the AgencyTrust seal, which includes business information & history.

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